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Not really interesting. Better read about AnyWare -  this is much more important!!!
Ok, ok... in 1994 somebody made me want to know the TOS version of my Atari ST. When I finally knew it, I already knew much more and had written a small info program for gathering that knowledge. I wanted to make this program available to others and used the other information it gathered to extend its feature set. So it grew bigger and bigger. At some point of time the information was not given in Boxes anymore, but in Windows.
More about the history and the credits are in the text files in the program archive.
End of the History:
In the time after version 1.997 was published (1997) the list of Cookies was extended to more than 230.
The size of the executable was reduced by 15 kB.
The Year-2000-Compatibility was verified (till year 2249).
Minor bugfixes were made and some informations extended.

Infomat is AnyWare, that means it doesn't matter HOW you show you like the program - as long as you do it at all ;-)
Really: it was a long and hard work! Other authors have time- and feature-limited trial versions with disturbing "Hey, this is Shareware!"-messages all the time. If you want to use the fully functional program you have to pay lots of money, but most of the time you don't do that, do you?

I know it. I also use other programs, of course. And I always like it if it is free and still not limited. Believe me: if the author only wanted a postcard or some feedback, I would be more inclined to give it than real money.

I hope so do you. If you like INFOMAT and use it, please send me some feedback or gift.
Some proposals (I make it easy and support many kinds of *Ware...) :

Well, I don't have much spare time and got almost no feedback for INFOMAT. So this is not really an outlook into the future, but more like what could have been included into INFOMAT, but wasn't:

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