INFOMAT  -  System-Informations about your  ATARIATARI

"INFOMAT" is a FREEWARE program by Andreas Kunz. You can use it to get loads of informations about your ST/TT/Falcon-compatible ATARI and do some other things...
Your only problem about it might be: it's written in German... but when speaking of computers most terms are the same in English and German anyway. If you have any question, e.g. about the documentation, please feel free to contact the author!
It is also possible that I will translate INFOMAT to English if I receive some more than two or three requests by non-German-speaking people. So If you wish it, request it!

Because of missing response by users INFOMAT development stalled years ago. Now I also don't have any time to develop it further (besides: I don't use my Atari very often...). But over the years it has grown to a rich feature set. So it might be an interesting program even nowadays and in a few years.

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