INFOMAT  -  SchweppesWare

Ok, I collect different flavours of Schweppes drinks.
Here is a short list of the Schweppes flavours I currently "own" (label, can...).
(About 35 really different; there are some drinks that are the same, but have slightly different names in different countries for some reason, e.g. "Tonic Water" <-> "Indian Tonic")
Germany, other central european coutries: Spain: England/Scotland: Egypt:


If you have a label or can of another flavour it would be great if you would send it to me as feedback to INFOMAT.

If you came here by accident and don't know what INFOMAT is then I'd also appreciate it if you'd contact me... (however, I am not actively collecting anymore since a couple of years, so do not expect too much)

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