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INFOMAT should run on every Atari computer under all TOS versions and MagiC in each screen resolution above 320 pixels screen width.

It also runs on Windows PCs with all tested Atari emulators: PacifiST, TOS2WIN, TOSBOX and MagiC PC. Running on MagiC PC and the Atari with MagiC there should also be no problem to run INFOMAT on MagiC Mac. The informations given will be the informations the emulator gives to all programs about the emulated Atari, of course. Don't be surprised if it reports a MC68000-CPU ("Ouch, at the store they told me it was a Core2 Duo!").

INFOMAT has not been tested on Atari clones. If you use INFOMAT on them please report!

There are no problems with multitasking environments like Geneva, but with MultiTOS and sometimes with alternative VDIs (like NVDI). This is a problem of the programming language used and I can not do anything about it.

There are no problems with the Falcon-Speeder "Skunk" anymore.

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